Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple promises at least five years of software support for the iPhone 15 series

While Apple has a long history of software support for iPhones, it never officially promises a specific number of years. On the Android side, each manufacturer clearly states the number of years they will offer software support. Google and Samsung's seven-year update promise for their flagship phones can be shown as the clearest example of this approach. However, due to a legal obligation in the UK, Apple changed this situation, at least for the iPhone 15 series.

The company had to announce the minimum support window for the iPhone 15 family, especially the iPhone 15 Pro Max, due to new regulations in the UK and settled on five years. While this is clearly two years less than its main rivals, it's worth emphasizing that Apple is promising updates for at least five years.

Nothing can stop the company from going well beyond five years as it has in the past. Therefore, it is important to underline that the statement in question does not say that Apple will end support after five years, but rather that this is the minimum amount.

Apple can stimulate the Android market with its commitment for the iPhone 15 series

It is noteworthy that this is the first time Apple has made an official statement on this issue. Although this statement is not like that of Android manufacturers, it is important because the source is Apple. It can be said that Apple providing a support period for iPhones will also stimulate the Android side. The company is expected to maintain a similar approach for the iPhone 16 series.

Danish Kapoor