Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Vital warning for Humane AI Pin users: Stop using the charging case immediately

Humane notified AI Pin owners that they should stop using the charging case “immediately.” The company said it had identified issues with a third-party battery cell that could pose a “fire safety risk.” This warning was conveyed by Humane in an email sent to users.

Humane announced that they “disqualified” this supplier and entered the process of finding a new supplier. The company emphasized that the AI ​​Pin itself, the magnetic Battery Booster and the charging pad are unaffected. It also plans to compensate its users by offering two months of free use of its subscription service.

Humane has not yet made a statement on whether it will offer a replacement charging case. The company stated that it would “share additional information” after investigating this matter. By the way, there is no information about the battery problem on Humane's website or the X account.

In the full email text sent by the company, it was stated that users should immediately stop using and charging the charging case accessory. The email shared details of the quality issue, which was detected following a charging issue when using a third-party USB-C cable and power supply. It was stated that the problem was caused by a battery cell supplied by a third-party supplier and that this cell poses a fire safety risk.

Humane AI Pin is looking for new supplier for component

Humane stated that they immediately stopped working with this supplier, who did not meet the quality standards, and started trying to find a new supplier. This issue is only limited to certain battery cells used in the charging case accessory. Batteries or components used in the company's other products were not affected by this issue.

Humane emphasized that it designed the AI ​​Pin and related accessories with safety as a priority and has rigorously tested and certified them in accordance with US and international safety standards. Stating that user security is their priority, Humane stated that they will take the necessary steps to ensure user satisfaction in such cases. They plan to compensate their users for the inconvenience caused by offering a two-month free subscription.

Humane stated that it will continue to work to ensure the safety and satisfaction of users and that they will share additional information when the investigations are completed. These steps taken for the security of users once again reveal the company's customer-oriented approach. Humane is committed to maintaining its commitment to the safety and satisfaction of its users.

Danish Kapoor