Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple’s Siri technology’s big breakthrough will come in 2025 with Apple Intelligence

Apple is preparing to make Siri smarter with new AI-powered features in the spring of 2025. According to information reported by Mark Gurman in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, Apple will offer users a new AI system called “Apple Intelligence” with the iOS 18.4 update. This development will make Siri much more capable and user-friendly.

Siri’s new abilities

Apple usually releases new features in small, piecemeal updates. But this time, Siri’s capabilities are expected to take a big leap forward. For example, Siri is expected to be able to perform tasks like searching through your photo library to find a specific ID card and copying that information into an online form, thanks to Apple Intelligence. It’s also unclear whether features like AI-powered emoji creation or typing assistance will be ready yet.

Gurman states that these new features will become clearer with beta versions. Beta versions are expected to be available later in the year, and during this process, iOS 18’s new artificial intelligence features will also come to light.

New Siri interface and features

With iOS 18, Siri will get a new interface with a pulsating rainbow animation on the inner frame of the screen instead of the old circular graphic. This interface change will make Siri look more modern and attractive. Siri’s basic technical support capabilities will also be improved so that users can easily find more information about their devices.

In addition, innovations such as ChatGPT integration are expected to be added to Siri. Thanks to this integration, Siri will be able to answer more complex questions from users and have more natural conversations.

Future Apple products and AI plans

Apple’s AI plans aren’t limited to Siri. The company’s future product plans include new AirPods models equipped with cameras integrated into the earbuds. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, these AirPods models will work with Vision Pro to provide features like hand gestures and motion detection. These new AirPods Pro models are expected to be released in two generations.

Gurman notes that these new AirPods models could work similarly to Meta’s Ray-Ban glasses, with AI able to recognize objects around you and provide navigation assistance while walking.

Danish Kapoor