Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple Watch Series 10 comes with a thinner case and larger screen size

Apple Watch Series 10, which is eagerly awaited in the technology world, seems to come with big changes for its 10th anniversary. According to the claims of famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple Watch Series 10 will be thinner compared to previous models and the screen sizes will also increase. This innovation will allow users to get more from the device.

According to Ming-Chi Kuo's blog post, Apple Watch Series 10 will switch from the current 41mm and 45mm sizes to 45mm and 49mm sizes respectively. This change will offer a size equivalent to the screen dimensions of the Apple Watch Ultra. Thus, users will experience a larger screen.

According to the information given by Kuo about this new model, a new Apple Watch Ultra 3 model will be released in addition to the Apple Watch Series 10. It is stated that this model, which is claimed to have not been developed before, will have almost the same features as the current Apple Watch Ultra. However, it is also stated that the new model may be offered in black color depending on production efficiency.

Kuo states that the tests carried out on the production of Apple Watch components with 3D printing were very successful and that this process significantly increased the production efficiency. A 3D printing company called BLT is expected to start producing Apple Watch cases in the future. These innovations will make Apple's production processes more efficient and increase product diversity.

Ming-Chi Kuo is known as an analyst with a pretty good track record on Apple's plans. Recently, in addition to the information he obtains from his sources, he has also attracted attention with his reports, which he sometimes calls predictions. This latest report shows that Kuo provided detailed information about BLT's plans based on information he received from sources.

In summary, the Apple Watch Series 10's arrival with a thinner and larger screen design specially for its 10th anniversary seems to have a great impact in the technology world. With the new Apple Watch Ultra 3 model, it is aimed to offer wider options for users. It is certain that Apple will reinforce its leadership in the smartwatch market with these new products.

Although the official launch dates of Apple Watch Series 10 and Apple Watch Ultra 3 have not been announced yet, these innovations are already awaited with great curiosity. Improvements in production processes, especially with 3D printing technology, will make Apple products even more innovative and user-friendly in the future.

Danish Kapoor