Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Windows 11 improves integration with Android phones

Microsoft announced that it is working on an update that will provide more comprehensive integration with users' Android phones through the Windows 11 operating system. This time, a sharing menu is joining the innovations caravan, which will make it easier for users to send files, links and similar materials directly from their computers to their Android devices. This feature will make file transfers faster and easier by adding the “My Phone” shortcut to the sharing menu.

The bond between Windows and Android becomes even stronger

This step by Microsoft takes the connection previously established between the two platforms through a service called “Phone Connection” one step further. This application, available on both your Windows PC and Android device, previously offered functions such as notification synchronization and access to applications and files. However, with this new addition, a more practical feature is offered to users.

Microsoft announced that they will offer the opportunity to easily share content with an Android device from the Windows sharing window. This feature requires you to pair your Android device to your Windows PC via the “Connect to Windows” Android app and Phone Link on your PC.

Although it is not yet clear when this innovation will be available to all users, it is currently only available to users participating in the beta test. However, this feature may not be useful for all applications and programs. Because many applications and programs in Windows have their own sharing menus or may not be integrated with the native sharing menu of Windows 11 at all. However, in any case, this offers users practical functionality.

This update demonstrates Microsoft's goal to provide more seamless integration and collaboration, particularly across different platforms, as part of its effort to continually improve the user experience. With this update, users will have the opportunity to discover the convenience and speed of transferring files directly from their computers to their Android devices.

Danish Kapoor