Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Picsart and Getty are developing a trained AI image generator with fully licensed content

Photo editing platform Picsart is partnering with Getty Images to develop an artificial intelligence (AI) image generator trained on fully licensed stock images. This initiative aims to provide a “responsible, commercially secure” alternative to existing platforms. Having full commercial rights to the images produced aims to address concerns that AI-generated images may violate copyright laws.

The new service will be available only to paid Picsart subscribers and resembles Adobe's Firefly AI model. Adobe's model also uses stock images, but it's not entirely limited to those images. Adobe recently updated its terms of service, a decision that caused a huge reaction among its users, and stated that it could use user studies to train AI models. Following intense reactions, the company quickly rearranged its terms of service.

Picsart and Getty hope to avoid any backlash by using only fully licensed stock images. Thus, there is no risk of the content created by normal Picsart users being trained by the model and used for production purposes. “This allows creators to maintain the highest standards of commercial security while bringing their vision to life,” Grant Farhall, Product Manager at Getty Images, wrote in a blog post on the subject. he said.

Commercial security and copyrights of the AI ​​image generator

It appears that Getty has acted fairly in this regard and that the work of professional photographers has not been unfairly used. When contacted by the company, a representative said, “We compensate creators included in the dataset on an annual basis.” He made a statement as follows. This is at least one step!

The Picsart and Getty Images model is expected to be released later this year, but there is no exact launch date yet. The model will be accessible via Picsart's API services. This means users can work with safer, licensed content in their creative projects.

Ultimately, this partnership will provide a safer and more responsible alternative for creative content producers. Giving high importance to commercial security standards, Picsart and Getty aim to minimize the potential risks of artificial intelligence technology by using fully licensed content.

Besides all this, this innovative approach of Picsart and Getty reflects their efforts to provide a transparent and fair solution by taking into account users' concerns. For creators who are especially sensitive about copyright, such solutions can provide great relief. This collaboration marks the beginning of a new era in the interaction between artificial intelligence and the creative industry.

Danish Kapoor