Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Android phones will soon be able to automatically open downloaded apps

Google Play Store is coming to the fore with a new feature that will improve the experiences of Android phone users. The new feature will allow users to automatically open applications immediately after installing them. This feature stands out as an innovation that saves time and makes the user experience more fluid.

“Application Automatic Opening” codes detected in the 41.4.19 version of Google Play Store indicate that this new feature will be available soon. This feature will eliminate the hassle of manually opening applications after installing them, allowing users to use applications faster and more practically.

This feature, which is an important innovation for Android phone users, will make the application installation process more user-friendly. The App Auto Open feature will be enabled by default, but users can disable this feature if they wish. In this way, users will be offered a customized experience according to their preferences.

Thanks to this new feature, users will be able to start using the application directly without clicking the “Open” button after installing the application. This feature, which will provide great convenience especially for users who use applications intensively and constantly install new applications, will also make it possible to save time.

There is no clear information yet about when Google Play Store will make this new feature generally available. However, this innovation is expected to become active in the next few months. Thanks to this new feature, users will be able to use their applications faster and more efficiently.

Google continues to work on new features and updates to constantly improve the user experience. In this context, the Application Automatic Opening feature stands out as an innovation that facilitates users' daily routines and makes application usage more fluid.

Android phone users will experience a faster and more practical application usage experience with this new feature. This innovation offered by Google Play Store will make users' lives easier and contribute to them living a life more compatible with technology.

Danish Kapoor