Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Chrome Android version can read web pages aloud with its new feature

Google makes its Chrome browser even more functional with a new feature for Android users. This feature, called “Listen to This Page”, allows users to listen to web pages directly from within the browser. This new feature offers great convenience, especially for visually impaired users or those with reading difficulties. But it can be useful not only for these users, but also for anyone who wants to catch up on content while traveling or when their hands are full.

The new read-aloud feature offers users a variety of playback controls. These controls are very similar to those found on music or podcast players. Users can pause the audio, change the listening speed, fast forward or rewind 10 seconds. This provides the user with great flexibility when listening to the contents of web pages.

New read aloud feature for Chrome Android

To use this feature, all users have to do is go to a text-heavy page and click on the three-dot menu in the upper right corner. Here, the “Listen to This Page” option is located right below the Translation option. The aloud reading feature can be activated by clicking on this option.

This support is not yet offered for Turkish. According to the screenshots taken by The Verge, the page listening feature works as seen.

This new feature allows the user not only to change the reading speed and tone of voice, but also to choose the language to be used. Languages ​​supported by Google include English, French, German, Arabic, Hindi and Spanish. There is no Turkish language support yet, and the feature for other languages ​​is not yet activated on devices whose language is set to Turkish.

Google Assistant can similarly read web pages out loud, but this option removed users from the Chrome browser and directed them to the Google application. The new feature provides a more seamless experience by allowing users to stay in the browser. This allows users to access information without interrupting the browser experience.

Google is also testing this feature for desktop Chrome versions. A similar feature is available in the Safari browser for iPhone users. Safari's “Speak to Page” feature reads web pages with Siri's voice and has similar playback controls. However, Chrome's new feature stands out with its wider language support and more control possibilities.

This new feature is being rolled out to users gradually, as Google usually does. This feature, which is currently only in beta version, will soon be accessible to all users. 9to5Google reports that this feature has been spotted in version 125 of the Android Chrome app.

The “Listen to This Page” feature added to the Android Chrome browser makes web pages more accessible and useful. This feature will be very useful for visually impaired users, those who have reading difficulties, or those who want to access information on the go. This new feature from Google significantly improves the browser experience and allows users to access more information by listening to web pages. This innovation seems to be greatly appreciated with its user-friendly structure.

Danish Kapoor