Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Android 15 Beta 3 released: New features and improvements are here

As of Tuesday, Google released the third beta version of Android 15, the first developer preview version of which was published last February, and with this step, we are one step closer to the final version. Having reached platform stability with this update, Android 15 has become suitable for developers to start testing their applications in this almost final version. Although there are no major changes since the previous beta version, there are some notable innovations.

In its blog post announcing the new beta version, Google highlighted a significant change in the passkey user interface. Now, with biometric verification, pass key usage has been reduced from two steps to one. In Google Password Manager, the prompt to use a passkey has been combined with the biometric verification screen. There are also new fallback options that you can access in the keyboard and text field drop-down menus if you accidentally skip the passkey prompt. These new features make the user experience smoother.

Ease of using passkey with Android 15

These changes made in the new beta version of Android 15 aim to provide users with a faster and easier experience in daily use. Making biometric verification more integrated stands out as an important step, especially in terms of security and speed. Thanks to this innovation, many users will be able to complete their verification process in fewer steps.

However, another innovation discovered by Android expert Mishaal Rahman is also quite remarkable. When Android 15 detects that the biometric model is not working properly, it can automatically delete it and notify the user to re-register. This feature offers a significant improvement for users experiencing biometric verification problems. Because many users may not realize that re-registering the biometric model can improve performance. Rahman notes that there are many factors that affect the performance of the biometric model, and re-enrollment can often correct these problems.

Android 15 comes with many new features and updates aimed at improving user experience. In addition to the changes in the passkey user interface, improvements in security and privacy are also noteworthy. APIs have also been stabilized in the new beta version, providing a great opportunity for developers to optimize their applications for this new version.

Developers can make their applications more secure and user-friendly thanks to these innovations and improvements brought by Android 15. Android 15, which has reached platform stability, allows developers to do their final tests before the final release. Users will experience a safer and faster Android experience with these new features. If you are aware of the risks and have a compatible device, you can install the beta version immediately by following this link.

In summary, Android 15 Beta 3 offers many important innovations and improvements for both developers and users. Having reached platform stability, this release provides an excellent opportunity for final testing and optimizations before the final release. The innovations and improvements that the final version of Android 15 will bring are eagerly awaited. Continue to follow the developments.

Danish Kapoor