Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

AMD investigating potential cyber attack

AMD is investigating the possibility of a cyberattack. A threat actor known by the pseudonym “IntelBroker” has been trying to sell data it claims was obtained from this month, BleepingComputer reports. The company confirmed that it has launched an investigation into this possible data theft. IntelBroker claims that the data it offers for sale includes future products, employee databases, and customer databases.

Cyber ​​attack and data security against AMD

“We are aware that a cybercriminal organization claims to have stolen AMD data,” AMD said in a statement provided to BleepingComputer, PCMag and Bloomberg. The company stated that it was working closely with law enforcement and a third-party hosting partner to investigate this claim and the significance of the data.

IntelBroker has in the past attempted to sell data it claimed was stolen from Europol, The Home Depot, and DC Health Link. These events show that IntelBroker poses a serious threat. In particular, AMD’s confirmation that it is investigating allegations that a hacking group called RansomHouse stole 450GB of data in 2022 reveals the difficulties the company has in data security.

As a result, the steps AMD will take to combat such cyber threats are eagerly awaited. Data security is becoming an increasingly important issue in the technology world every day, and the precautions that large companies will take against such threats seem to play an important role throughout the industry.

Danish Kapoor