Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google Gemini is now available in the Messages app

Google announced at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2024) held earlier this year that Gemini would be integrated into the Messages application. This integration allows users to access the chatbot directly through the messaging application. This feature, which was initially only available on new generation Pixel and Samsung Galaxy phones, has now been extended to all Android devices. According to an update on Google’s Help page, accessing this feature now only requires an Android device with 6GB RAM or higher.

This new feature allows users to contact the chatbot by starting a new chat in the Messages app. Gemini offers a variety of functions, including the ability to draft messages, schedule events, and chat to pass the time. However, to use this feature, the language settings of the device must be English. French language support is also available in Canada. It is stated that the feature is currently available in 164 countries.

Google continues to work to make Gemini available in more languages ​​and regions. Although it is not currently available in France, wider language and region support is planned to be offered in the future. To use this feature, users must be 18 years or older and manage the Google Messages application with their own accounts. In addition, another requirement is that RCS (Rich Communication Services) chats be open.

How to access and use Gemini from within Messages?

Accessing Gemini is quite simple. All you have to do is open the Messages app and start a new conversation. Users can see the option to talk to the chatbot in the chat window. This integration aims to improve user experience and make messaging more interactive.

This step by Google is considered an important development in expanding the capabilities of messaging applications and offering richer experiences to its users. In particular, the integration of artificial intelligence-supported chatbots can change daily communication habits and save users time. Besides all this, it is important for users to pay attention to the specified requirements in order to access this new feature.

In summary, the integration of Google Gemini into the Messages application is an important step in the integration of technology into daily life. This innovation makes digital communication more accessible and functional by targeting not only high-tech devices but also a wide range of users.

Danish Kapoor