Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Advantageous TV campaign from Samsung and IKEA

Samsung Electronics Türkiye and IKEA offer consumers the opportunity to renew their living rooms at home by offering an attractive campaign. Within the scope of the cooperation, great advantages are provided for living room purchases of 5,000 TL and above made with the IKEA Family Card. The campaign will be valid for certain Samsung televisions.

Great opportunity when shopping for Samsung televisions

Purchases made at IKEA provide consumers with a valuable Cash Loaded Card that they can use when purchasing a television from Samsung's online store. This special offer will be valid throughout the campaign period, which will last from May 13 to July 16. The campaign marks an ideal time for those who want to make their living rooms more functional and aesthetic.

Customers can obtain this high-value card to be used on their Samsung televisions after purchasing over 5,000 TL from IKEA stores. Consumers who have Samsung TVs installed and fill out the necessary form and submit the documents will earn a balance of up to 5,000 TL, depending on the model they choose. This process offers consumers an experience that combines ease of installation and use of their new television.

In new living room arrangements, the superior image quality offered by Samsung televisions stands out. Consumers who benefit from the campaign will experience a high-quality visual experience in their homes. This is a feature that will make the time spent at home enjoyable and comfortable.

The campaign can also be combined with existing promotions from Samsung and IKEA. Thus, consumers will have the opportunity to use more than one advantage at the same time. This integration promises customers more savings and a better shopping experience.

Detailed information and campaign conditions are available on Samsung and IKEA's websites. Interested consumers can access campaign details through these platforms. The opportunities offered by the campaign are very attractive for those who want to renew their living rooms.

Danish Kapoor