Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google is adding a new “Web” filter to search results

Recent statements made by Google indicate that the search engine experience will change significantly. Among the changes, it is stated that the content of the results pages will include more materials produced by artificial intelligence. But among these innovations, there is also a feature that aims to offer users a familiar experience: the new “web” filter.

This filter, which is a journey to the past, allows Google Search to offer a more minimalist structure that contains only links and texts. When the new “web” filter is enabled, layers such as AI summaries are disabled, allowing users to have a cleaner search experience. Especially for small and niche sites, it increases the chance of ranking higher in search results.

This filter aims to simplify the experience on the technology giant's search engine and offer users a more controlled search environment. Despite the depth provided by artificial intelligence and advanced search modules, these features may be confusing for some users. In this respect, although the “web” filter means a return to 10-15 years ago, this return is only visual and functional; There is no decline in terms of quality or diversity of search results.

Google's Danny Sullivanstates that this innovation is a feature that has been long awaited by many users. He shares the information that the “Web” filter is currently available, but its availability may vary regionally. It is stated that users may not be able to access this feature directly in the desktop version and must enable the “Web” filter by clicking the “More” option.

Google strives to offer users the simplicity and convenience of the old search engine experience while leveraging the power and features of artificial intelligence. With this innovation, the search experience is further enriched, but users are also provided with the flexibility and control they need.

Danish Kapoor