Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Xiaomi brings ads-disabling feature to HyperOS

Xiaomi’s Android-based interface MIUI is now known as HyperOS and with this new step, it aims to improve the user experience. In the past, this user interface was praised for its rich features, but it annoyed many users due to system-wide ads. However, with HyperOS, Xiaomi seems to be taking customer feedback into consideration. Recent leaks suggest that a tool will be coming that will allow you to disable ads.

Disabling ads is now easier with HyperOS

Xiaomi is testing a new feature on HyperOS that will allow users to disable system-wide ads. Xiaomi’s business model is based on generating revenue through various methods by keeping hardware prices low, and one of these methods is in-app ads. However, a new solution is being developed to prevent users from being bothered by these ads.

In the past, disabling ads on Xiaomi phones required a complicated path through menus and settings. Users had to turn off multiple options scattered across different parts of the system, making the process cumbersome and time-consuming. This complexity led users to third-party solutions or online guides, and led to security concerns.

The new one-click opt-out feature will significantly simplify this process. Users will have clearer control over their ad experience. This solution could create a win-win situation for both Xiaomi and users. Users who prefer a clean, ad-free experience can simply opt out, while Xiaomi can continue to generate revenue from users who don’t mind ads.

There is no clear information about the rollout of the feature yet. It is unclear whether this button is permanently added or is being tested for a limited time in certain regions. However, it was found that this feature works in the test version of Xiaomi’s latest generation flagship, the Xiaomi 13 Pro.

Danish Kapoor