Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Epic Games Store Approved for iPhones in EU

The Epic Games Store iPhone app has taken a major step toward selling apps outside of the App Store by passing Apple’s approval process for users in the European Union. According to AppleInsider, Apple has confirmed that the app has passed the notarization process, but has asked Epic Games to change some of the button designs in future versions.

Epic Games’ response to provisional approval

The approval was described as “temporary” by Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney. Sweeney took a harsher stance on Apple’s request, saying the company “requested that we change the buttons” and that they would oppose it. The conditional approval is the latest stage in the long-running dispute between Apple and Epic Games. Apple previously revoked Epic Games Sweden’s European developer license, which was also done after EU regulators intervened.

Epic Games has launched its store and one of its popular games, Fortnitesubmitted it to Apple’s iOS app store approval process, a requirement for apps that will be offered outside of the App Store. Apple rejected the application, stating that the store’s “in-app purchases” label and “Install” button were too similar to the “design and positioning” of its own similar features.

The history of the conflict between Epic Games and Apple

This conflict is not the only disagreement between Apple and Epic Games. The tension between the two companies is FortniteIt began with the removal of from Apple’s App Store for violating Apple’s rules. Epic Games implemented its own payment system in defiance of Apple’s in-app purchase fees. This move was met with a harsh response from Apple and led to a lawsuit.

Passing Apple’s approval process would make it easier for the Epic Games Store to reach iPhone users in the EU. This could give users a different app store option outside of the App Store. However, Apple’s request that Epic Games change the button designs is a condition that must be met for the app to receive final approval. How Epic Games responds to this request will be a key factor in determining the future process.

The Epic Games Store passing Apple’s App Store approval process is a significant development for users in the EU. However, this dispute between Apple and Epic Games shows that there are still some kinks to be resolved before the app can be fully launched. This indicates that the long-running struggle between the two tech giants will continue.

Danish Kapoor