Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

X is changing the way the blocking feature works

Elon Musk, the owner of X, had previously stated clearly that he was not very happy with the blocking feature on the platform. Changes to the functioning of the X blocking feature on the wayFor now, it does not respond to Musk's request to get rid of this feature completely.

Instead, a response visibility change is being made in the blocking axis on the platform. Previously, even if users blocked someone on X, they could still reply to that account's posts. The blocked person could not be informed of the interaction he had with the posts of the person who blocked him.

With the new change, this feature is being rolled back. Now users will be able to see all replies they receive, even if the sender has blocked them. In the post made on the account of X's engineering team, it was stated that the blocking feature was adapted to X's structure as a city square open to everyone.

The post also signals that more changes may be coming to blocking, one of the most widely used security features on the service. “Our goal is to allow users to control their experience while maintaining public visibility of posts,” the post also states. This statement appears to align with Musk's comments stating that blocking other than direct messages is “unnecessary.”

Is X paving the way for greater change?

For now, the changes in blocking are not that serious. In fact, they may even be welcomed by some users who want more visibility into what people say about them on the platform. However, the fact that X has begun to change the visibility of previously blocked content may also be a sign of more significant changes in the future.

Danish Kapoor