Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Work continues on the independence of TikTok's recommendation algorithm

According to a report by Reuters yesterday, work is being carried out on making TikTok's recommendation algorithm independent from Douyin. These studies aim to develop an algorithm independent of the Chinese version owned by ByteDance. In this way, it is aimed to prove that TikTok's US operations are independent of Beijing.

Details about the project were discussed through Lark, the company's internal communication platform, and in meetings attended by all employees. According to sources, separating the source code could deprive TikTok of ByteDance's engineering power. However, this step is critical in sending a message of independence to lawmakers in the United States.

TikTok responded to Reuters' news via X, saying, “The Reuters news published today is misleading and untrue.” made the statement. Company spokesperson Michael Hughes said in an email to The Verge, “We continue to work to preserve the authenticity of the TikTok experience, but the claim that these efforts will facilitate the transfer or that the transfer is possible is completely false.” said. He responded to the claims about the separation of the code as “absolutely wrong”.

TikTok had previously launched various projects to prove US independence. The data silo initiative called “Project Texas” aimed to ensure the security of American users' data and prove that the platform was independent of external influences. But when The Verge reviewed this project, it observed that technical advantages would not enable it to evade a US ban.

In its lawsuit against the US government, TikTok is challenging the requirement that it hand over control of the app to another entity or be banned by January 19, 2025. According to Reuters' sources, there are currently no plans to separate the companies. However, separating the source code could provide the basis for a future transfer of US assets.

The independence of TikTok's recommendation algorithm aims to eliminate uncertainties about maintaining its presence in the United States. Time will tell how being deprived of ByteDance's engineering power will affect TikTok's development. However, this step is critical in sending a message of independence to lawmakers in the United States.

TikTok's efforts to make its recommendation algorithm independent are part of the company's goal of continuing its operations in the United States. This process reflects the company's efforts to consolidate its independence and gain users' trust. TikTok's future will depend on the successful completion of these projects and the course of its relations with the US government.

Danish Kapoor