Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

WhatsApp will soon launch the Favorites tab

WhatsApp is working on a small but valuable feature that will be useful to its users. According to WABetaInfo, a Favorites tab is being tested within the WhatsApp Android application.

Users will be able to add their frequently contacted contacts to the list accessible through the Favorites tab and quickly access these contacts when they need them. The created list can later be rearranged according to needs.

Thanks to this feature, when starting a new chat or call, the need to search for names in the contact list or type a name in the search box will be eliminated. In short, it can be said that it is a touch that completely covers WhatsApp.

WhatsApp is still in the early stages of developing the Favorites tab.

However, it should be noted that we are still in the early stages of the development of this feature. This feature is not even available to all test users yet. It is stated that only a very small group can experience the feature.

Therefore, it seems like there will be a long time before the Favorites tab reaches all users. There is a high probability that this feature will be available to users first in WhatsApp's Android application.

WhatsApp regularly tests new features. Displaying users who have been online recently is among the features that are still being tested. While the chat filters feature was officially announced, it was also announced that the real-time development feature with Meta AI was made available. Although the scope of this feature is limited yet, WhatsApp users will be able to receive various responses from Meta AI with simple requests.

Danish Kapoor