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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

What is Google Emoji Kitchen, how to turn emojis into stickers?

Google is generally known for its search functionality and productivity apps like Google Docs or Google Sheets. However, those who are active on Twitter have surely seen the popular emoji mixing bots that turn many emojis into a single emoji. The Google Emoji Kitchen feature offers users the opportunity to create fun and original stickers by combining emojis. In this article, we detail this feature and explain how it can be used on which devices.

This feature was initially only available to Android users via Gboard. However, Google's Gboard application is now available on iPhone, Android, Windows, macOS and other devices. This feature allows users to make various emoji combinations to add some joy to their daily communications.

How to activate and use Emoji Kitchen?

This emoji-centric tool can add some fun to your daily life, in a similar way to temporary and often interactive logos like Google Doodles. Enabling Emoji Kitchen on iPhone and Android devices is quite simple. Below is a step-by-step explanation of how to do this.

How to use Emoji Kitchen on iPhone?

  • To access this service on iPhone, open your browser and go to
  • Search for “Emoji Kitchen” and tap the emojis in the widget box that appears on the screen.
  • Click the “Get Started” button and select the two emojis you want to combine.
  • As a result, a new emoji combination will appear on the right side of the screen.
  • Click the Copy icon located just below the new emoji combination. Then paste this emoji into the text field in the chat application of your choice.

How to use Emoji Kitchen on Android?

On Android phones, Emoji Kitchen offers a larger database of emoji combinations via the Gboard app. Open Gboard and tap the emoji icon in the bottom row to display the emoji keyboard. Then, tap any emoji to view the possible combinations in the area just above the keyboard and choose your favorite combination.

Finally, tap on your chosen emoji combination to add it to your message and send.

What apps is Emoji Kitchen compatible with?

This Google service; It is compatible with popular messaging applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and Telegram. Since the created emoji combinations are in .png format, they can be easily shared in these applications.

Emoji Kitchen's use of artificial intelligence

Google's emoji creation service does not rely heavily on AI technologies, unlike Google's AI-based projects such as Gemini. It uses predefined combinations and creative pairings of existing emojis. These combinations were created manually by Google's emoji designers.

Google Emoji Kitchen is a fun feature that allows users to spice up their daily communications by combining emojis. This feature, which can be used on iPhone, Android, Windows and macOS devices, makes the messaging experience more creative and enjoyable.

Danish Kapoor