Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Volkswagen starts offering its new voice assistant IDA with ChatGPT support

Adding a new step to its innovative steps in automobile technology, Volkswagen started to offer the voice assistant called IDA, which works with ChatGPT support developed by OpenAI, in various vehicles. The automotive giant announced this innovation for the first time at CES 2024 at the beginning of the year.

What is IDA with ChatGPT support?

IDA, Volkswagen’s ID. A voice assistant supported by ChatGPT’s productive artificial intelligence capabilities, developed specifically for the new generation Golf, Tiguan and Passat vehicle models, especially the series. This system, which can instantly respond to users’ voice commands, aims to offer a unique experience to the driver and passengers during the journey.

Volkswagen states that IDA goes beyond facilitating daily use and provides information and support that will further enrich the lives of its users. For example, it can provide information about the nearest tourist attractions while you are driving, summarize the latest match performance of your favorite football team, or help your children solve math problems.

Volkswagen emphasizes that integrating this innovative system into its existing vehicles is not a complicated process. To start using IDA, vehicle owners do not need to open a new account or download an additional application; This shows Volkswagen’s customer-focused approach and commitment to providing user-friendly solutions.

IDA, which can currently provide services in English (US and UK accents), Spanish, Czech and German, is expected to rapidly gain popularity among Volkswagen users in the global market. The company plans to make new additions to the languages ​​and features in the system in the future.

While IDA stands out as a step that reinforces Volkswagen’s leadership in technology and innovation, it heralds that efforts to enrich users’ in-car experiences will continue.

Danish Kapoor