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Up to 4,000 TL discount on 65 inch screen TCL 65C845 TV

Just before Euro 2024, in which the National Team will take part, there is an opportunity in Hepsiburada with the TCL 65C845 TV model for those who want to renew their home television with a model with a large screen and the latest technologies. While the mini LED screen Google TV model is listed for 65,999 TL, there is a 2,000 TL discount on top of the 2,000 TL discount. It is possible to buy this TV for 61,999 TL.

TCL 65C845 TV features

TCL 65C845 TV attracts attention with its elegant design and vibrant screen. High dynamic range (HDR) and Dolby Vision technologies offer viewers an extraordinary visual experience. Quantum Dot technology and mini-LED backlighting make colors appear more vibrant and clear. These features ensure that the screen performs perfectly from every angle.

The sound system is at least as impressive as the image quality. Thanks to its powerful speakers, TCL 65C845 offers an impressive sound experience while watching movies or listening to music. With Dolby Atmos support, sound surrounds you from every direction, creating a cinematic atmosphere. This television is an ideal choice for those who want to maximize their cinema enjoyment at home.

TCL 65C845's smart TV features allow users to easily access their favorite content. Offering access to popular streaming services, this TV makes it possible to watch your favorite shows on Netflix, YouTube and many more platforms. You can also control your TV by giving voice commands with the built-in Google Assistant.

For game lovers, TCL 65C845 offers a lag-free and smooth gaming experience with its special game mode. High refresh rate and low response time allow you to get maximum performance during gaming. These features help you gain an advantage in competitive games.

The television's ergonomically designed remote control attracts attention with its user-friendly interface. Optimized for easy use, this remote control offers quick and practical access to all functions. In this way, you can use all the features of the television effortlessly.

TCL 65C845 also stands out with its energy efficiency. Thanks to its advanced energy saving features, it provides low energy consumption even in long-term use. This allows you to make an environmentally friendly choice and reduce your electricity bills.

As a result, TCL 65C845 TV takes your home entertainment system to the next level with its superior image and sound quality, smart TV features and user-friendly design. Providing excellent performance both while watching movies and playing games, this television appeals to all kinds of viewers.

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Danish Kapoor