Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Ultimate Ears expands product range: Everboom and other innovations

Ultimate Ears introduced its new speaker model called Everboom in order to offer a wider range of products to its users. This new model stands out especially with its sound quality and portability features. Everboom is positioned between the Megaboom and Epicboom models with its international price tag of $ 249.99.

Everboom carries the classic features of Ultimate Ears. Offering water and dust resistance with IP67 certification, the speaker can also float when dropped into water. Equipped with a removable carabiner, Everboom has an outdoor boost mode suitable for use in open areas. This mode optimizes the sound profile for large areas while also increasing bass response. It offers easy use with its battery life of up to 20 hours and NFC pairing feature.

What’s new in other Ultimate Ears models

In addition to Everboom, Ultimate Ears has also made various innovations in its Boom, Wonderboom and Megaboom models. While these models are offered to users with new color options, they now provide more modern and faster charging with USB-C connection. Boom and Megaboom models offer a stronger sound experience thanks to their improved deep bass radiators.

The Wonderboom model is equipped with a new mode designed specifically for podcast listeners. This podcast mode allows you to listen to your favorite hosts and stories more clearly and understandably. These innovations from Ultimate Ears aim to offer a richer sound experience to its users.

Ultimate Ears’ innovations are not limited to hardware. The company also introduced a new software feature, the megaphone feature. Thanks to this feature, users can make their voices heard loudly through the speaker. This feature, which can be especially useful in outdoor events or large gatherings, allows users to echo their voices by connecting to the speaker.

Ultimate Ears product range and prices

With the new Everboom and other updates, Ultimate Ears’ product range has expanded considerably. The company’s current product range and international prices are as follows:

The Hyperboom model is in the top segment with a price tag of $ 399.99. While Epicboom attracts attention with its price of $ 299.99, the newly introduced Everboom model is sold for $ 249.99. While Megaboom 4 is in the middle segment with a price of $ 199.99, the Boom 4 model is offered for $ 149.99. Wonderboom 4, the most affordable model of the series, is on sale for $ 99.99.

Ultimate Ears aims to appeal to more users in the speaker world with its expanding product range. These new models and updates once again reveal the company’s user-oriented approach and the importance it attaches to sound quality. Ultimate Ears continues to reinforce its leadership in the industry with its innovative technologies and superior audio performance. Users will be able to experience a higher quality and richer sound experience with these new products.

Danish Kapoor