Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Twitch opens its new TikTok-like stream to all users

Twitch is opening its new stream, which offers a similar experience to TikTok, to all users this month, after almost a year of tests. In the latest Patch Notes live stream, it was stated that users will be able to browse different streams dedicated to clips and live broadcasts.

The new discovery feed will first be available as a tab on the mobile app. As of next month, some users will be able to see this flow on the home page of their mobile applications. According to the information provided by Twitch, all live broadcasts and clips will be shown in the discovery stream as long as they comply with the content rules.

While navigating the live broadcast stream, it will be possible to find live content from followed content creators as well as broadcasts recommended by Twitch. Users who find something they like will be able to tap the streamer's avatar to switch to watch mode and interact with the broadcast.

The clip stream will be a space full of short videos taken from live broadcasts on Twitch. The fact that the owner of a clip shared here is live will be shown in the clip tab, and it will be possible to access the live broadcast from here.

Twitch will also show ads in its new stream

Users will not be able to get rid of ads in this stream either. However, product manager Jesse Sung states in the Patch Notes post that ads will be shown in the stream and can be scrolled. In short, users will not be forced to stop and watch these ads.

Danish Kapoor