Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Third-party iPhone app store AltStore PAL launches in Europe

As a result of Apple's compliance with the Digital Markets Act, the third-party iOS app store AltStore PAL has become available for users in Europe. This platform allows users to download applications by paying 1.50 euros annually in return for Apple's Core Technology Fee.

The process of installing applications includes various security steps implemented by Apple. Users' determination that they want to install the applications is tested with multiple confirmation screens. However, for users who have completed the necessary steps, AltStore PAL offers the option to install an alternative app on their iOS devices.

Featured apps of AltStore PAL app store

AltStore PAL was introduced with two key applications developed by Riley Testut and his business partner, Shane Gill. Delta is an emulator that can play games from various Nintendo systems; Clip, on the other hand, is an application that allows users to manage their clipboards and is banned due to Apple's restrictions. These apps promise to offer a new experience to iPhone users in Europe.

AltStore PAL provides a supportive structure for app developers, allowing them to raise funding through Patreon. Notably, the Delta app is available for free to help users offset the Basic Technology Fee. However, those who want to download the Clip app must donate a minimum of one euro per month.

AltStore, which was released for iOS in 2019, used software called AltServer, which required users to identify their devices as developers in previous installation methods. Although this process did not technically require a jailbreak, it could be quite a complicated process for users.

Now, thanks to the conveniences brought by DMA, applications such as Delta and Clip are officially offered in Europe via AltStore PAL. This platform allows iPhone users to download applications outside of Apple's App Store. This new situation enables a more flexible approach to application distribution and use on mobile devices.

Both apps offer innovative solutions that challenge Apple's rules. While Delta enables game emulation, which is a legally controversial area, the Clip application draws attention with its ability to constantly run in the background. The platform on which these applications are offered encourages users to make informed decisions on security and privacy issues.

On the other hand, AltStore PAL allows independent developers to host and distribute their applications on their own servers. This offers a decentralized approach, allowing developers and users to have more control. This new system marks a significant transformation in the mobile app ecosystem and opens up exciting new possibilities for iPhone users in Europe.

Danish Kapoor