Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Turkcell greets its customers on its 30th anniversary by doubling GBs

Turkcell celebrates its 30th anniversary with a special campaign offered to its customers. During May, the GBs, SMS and minutes in the packages of all Turkcell users and new Turkcell customers will be doubled. This campaign is seen as a way for Turkcell to thank its loyal customers throughout its 30-year journey and welcome new customers.

Turkcell customers can access it from the Turkcell application Gift Pool tab, through Turkcell Contact Center and Turkcell Customer Services or via “30. They can request participation in the campaign by typing “YIL” and sending an SMS to 2200. After the participation request, the results will be communicated to the users via SMS.

By doubling GBs, Turkcell also provides its users with the opportunity to explore the digital world more freely. Thus, Turkcell customers will be able to communicate with their loved ones for longer, spend more time on digital platforms and easily meet all their online needs.

Turkcell General Manager Dr. Ali Taha Koç: “We Will Offer More Surprises and Advantages to Our Customers Throughout the Year”

Turkcell General Manager Dr. Regarding the campaign, Ali Taha Koç said, “For 30 years, as Turkcell, we have focused on providing the best service to our customers and making their lives easier. To celebrate this important milestone, we wanted to make our customers happy by doubling their GB, SMS and minutes. This campaign is just the beginning. “We will continue to offer more surprises and advantages to our customers throughout Turkcell's 30th anniversary celebrations.” said.

Dr. Koç continued his words as follows: “30 years ago, we started a new era in our country with the vision of 'Technology for People'. By putting forward a strategy beyond its time, we enabled Turkey to be a pioneer in communication and technology. In our 30th year, we will continue to contribute to the social, economic and cultural development of our country by further expanding our position as an 'end-to-end technology provider' with the vision of the future. You know, everything works with Turkcell now, Turkcell works with everyone.”

As part of its 30th anniversary celebrations, Turkcell plans to implement many different campaigns and innovations that will delight its customers. Special gifts, fun competitions, applications full of opportunities and advantages and much more await Turkcell users. While Turkcell once again emphasizes the value it gives to its customers with these campaigns, it also reinforces Turkey's leading position in the field of communication and technology.

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Danish Kapoor