Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Tinder makes it easy to share date details with friends and family

Tinder has announced a new feature that not only helps users share the excitement of dating with loved ones, but also acts as a security tool. The Share My Appointment feature enables users to share details about a scheduled appointment with a single link.

The shared link includes the location, date and time of the appointment. In addition, the photo of the person to meet and links to their social media profiles are also included in this address. Appointment plans can also be arranged to ensure that the person with whom the link is shared has the most up-to-date information. Appointments can be created in the application up to 30 days in advance. Users who match with many people can create such connections for each of their appointments.

In which countries will Tinder make the Share My Date feature available?

According to information from Tinder, 51 percent of users under the age of 30 share their appointment details with their friends. A group of 19 percent share appointment information with their mothers. For security purposes, it is always a good idea to share time and location information with people you meet on such apps before meeting them. With Share My Appointment, this becomes a little simpler., which owns Tinder, introduced an appointment check-in feature in 2020 that allows users to send details about their appointment to emergency contacts when things go wrong.

Tinder will roll out the Share My Date feature in the following months in the coming months: US, UK, Australia, Canada, Singapore, India, Ireland, Germany, France, Spain, Japan, Brazil, Switzerland, Mexico, Netherlands, Italy, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand.

Danish Kapoor