Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

TikTok expands adding tags to content created with artificial intelligence

TikTok is stepping up efforts to automatically tag AI-generated content on its app, even if it's created with third-party tools. The company announced plans to support content credentials, a type of digital watermark that indicates the use of generative AI.

TikTok's rules already require creators to disclose “realistic” content generated by AI. However, this policy may be difficult for the company to implement. The difficulty level increases, especially when creators use artificial intelligence tools from other companies. But as content credentials are increasingly used in the AI ​​industry, TikTok's new automatic tags will be able to address some of these gaps.

Often described as a “nutrition label for digital content,” content credentials add “tamper-vulnerable metadata” that can trace the origins of an image and the AI ​​tools used to edit it in the process. This history can be viewed by users who encounter AI-generated content on a platform that supports the technology.

TikTok will be the first video platform to support content credentials

TikTok says it will be the first video platform to support content credentials, but it will take some time for these tags to become widespread as many companies are just starting to support the technology. Google, Microsoft, OpenAI and Adobe have promised to support content credentials. Meta said it also uses the standard to strengthen tags on its platform.

Danish Kapoor