Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Threads tests real-time search results

Meta's Threads app has been described as the company's rival to X. However, Threads users who are also active on X state that the platform is not very efficient in reaching real-time news.

In the For You tab of Threads, it is possible to see new posts as well as posts that are several days old. Although the trending topics section has recently been added to the platform, only five topics are shown here. Meta is said to be rolling up its sleeves for those who want to use Threads as a real-time news source.

The screenshot showing that the tests of the real-time search feature have started was shared by Daniel Rodriguez. Threads' chief executive Adam Mosseri also confirmed this planned change. “We are starting to test this with a small number of people to make it easier to find relevant search results in real time,” Mosseri said.

It can be said that this is a relatively minor change. However, the lack of chronological search support was a frustrating situation for users who wanted to find news or comments about current events. By “latest” posts, although sorting and chronological search are not the same thing, posts about current topics may become easier to find.

Threads stay away from sensitive topics

But how useful this feature will be will likely depend on whether Meta makes the filter available to all threads on the platform. In the screenshot, he shows the update option for the NBA, a topic that Mosseri cares about. At this point, it is worth noting that Mosseri, in his previous statements, did not want Threads to be a medium where “hard news” comes to the fore.

Threads' limitation of political content suggestions angered some users. The platform also chose to limit sensitive topics such as “vaccines and COVID-19” in the search results. It is among those who wonder whether these approaches will change in the new period.

Danish Kapoor