Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

TCL is making a new start focused on innovation with its Türkiye office

TCL Electronics officially started its activities in our country with its Turkey office, which was opened on January 29. Offering innovative solutions that enrich life with smart technology solutions, TCL has recently made a name for itself in Turkey, especially with its success in the TV category.

TCL Electronics Middle East and Africa General Manager Sunny Yang made the following statements in his statement: “Our global successes in the consumer electronics and home appliances sector are also an important indicator for our Turkey targets. With our innovation-oriented perspective, we have managed to become both the global market leader in the 98-inch category and the Google TV brand that leads the market worldwide in the large screen market. We can explain our approach specifically for 2024 as ‘Bigger, Better and Beyond’. As TCL, we are not only expanding our product range, we are improving our product quality and expanding our reach every day. “We are stepping into the Turkish market with our vision of inspiring innovation and perfectionist technology in every home.”

While underlining the company’s goals and strategies for the Turkish market, TCL Electronics Turkey General Manager Timo Xu said, “Our goal in Turkey is to become a leader in the Turkish TV market in 2028, based on our global vision of becoming a leading technology brand. I believe that we will continue to achieve significant success in Turkey with our investments in technology and innovation. With the opening of our Turkey office, we are opening a new page in our journey, reinforcing our commitment to offering innovative and first-class products in this country. We have gained an important place in the market with the valuable business partnership we have maintained with Bilkom so far. “We want to continue this success in the new period.”

In his evaluation, Bilkom General Manager Fikret Ballıkaya said, “When we announced our cooperation with TCL Electronics, which started four years ago, we had three basic promises. To produce the products that TCL offers to the market in Turkey and to increase the localization rate of these products. To produce this product at the standards sold in the world, with the same hardware features and to ensure that Turkish consumers experience the same technology as the world. Today we fulfilled these commitments. We have taken important steps towards our last commitment, which is to make Turkey a production center for TCL. The process, which recently started with Cyprus, will soon expand to the countries in the region. In the TV category, where we took part as a manufacturer-distributor for the first time, we carried out very important projects with TCL, reaching more than 200 thousand households and pioneering TCL’s journey in Turkey. “I wish this valuable global brand success in its journey to Türkiye,” he said.

TCL Electronics is preparing to offer a different technology experience in Turkey

TCL Electronics, which has a strong portfolio ranging from high-end TVs to smart home products, is preparing to offer a different technology experience in Turkey in the new era. While TCL embarks on this new journey with its commitments to quality and innovation, it is significantly strengthening its presence in our country with its Turkey office, which will also lead the countries in the region. Focusing on sustainability, innovation and customer satisfaction, TCL is preparing to exist in the consumer electronics sector in Turkey with a different perspective.

TCL’s strategic move towards the Turkish market is a clear indication of its global vision and local commitment. The company, which aims to maintain its 4-year product sales experience in the Turkish market with market leadership until 2028, says hello to the Turkish market with its rich product portfolio and strong business partnerships.

Danish Kapoor