Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Spotify renews its visual experience with custom font “Spotify Mix”

Spotify's latest update appeals to the eyes instead of the ears. The company introduces its users to a new and special font called Spotify Mix. This new font will replace the Circular option that Spotify has been using in its applications and desktop experience for a long time.

The confusing name pays homage to “the dynamic and evolving nature of audio culture that has developed over the years,” according to Rasmus Wängelin, head of global brand design at Spotify. Spotify Mix was developed in collaboration with Berlin-based foundry Dinamo Typefaces, and Wängelin said the new variable font design is “literally a remix,” resulting from combining elements from a variety of different font styles.

“The result is a sans-serif font that blends aspects of both classic and contemporary styles, creating a distinctive and unique look,” Wängelin continued. We expertly combined the shapes of sound waves to evoke a rhythmic feeling. “The combination of sharp angles and soft curves gives the typeface a distinct character that gives it a unique Spotify feel.”

The company plans to use Spotify Mix in everything from playlists to marketing campaigns. Since this is a variable font (which basically means things like weight, width, slant, and other variables can be changed without requiring separate files), Spotify is expected to be extremely easy to customize. This provides some creative flexibility, allowing things like playlist covers, trailers, and other content to appear more diverse, while also allowing a cohesive design to be shared.

Spotify logo will also be renewed

The word mark on Spotify's logo will also be updated with the new font, which is already visible on the company's news portal. Languages ​​with Latin-based alphabets and Vietnamese written content will be the first to use Spotify Mix, which will be rolled out gradually “in the coming weeks.”

Danish Kapoor