Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Speedometer 3.0 is released: A new era in web performance measurement

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Speedometer 3.0, developed in cooperation with major browser engine manufacturers such as Apple, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla, is a milestone in web performance measurement. Speedometer, which was implemented by the WebKit team in 2014 and reached version 2.0 in 2018 with the joint work of Apple and Google, is now reaching version 3.0 with a more comprehensive collaboration model. This new version is designed to more accurately reflect the real-world performance of web applications.

Innovative features and extended frame support in Speedometer 3.0

Speedometer 3.0 is the result of an extensive collaboration between leading browser engines such as Blink/V8, Gecko/SpiderMonkey and WebKit/JavaScriptCore. This collaboration was carried out within the framework of a multi-stakeholder management model and Microsoft also contributed to the project. Speedometer, which was first developed by the WebKit team in 2014 and later reached version 2.0 as a result of the joint work of Apple and Google in 2018, has now reached version 3.0 with even more advanced features and an expanded range of tests.

The main goal of Speedometer 3.0 is to create a common understanding of web performance and make improvements to improve user experience. This version aims to deliver more detailed results and introduce a wider variety of workloads, while improving how Speedometer captures and calculates ratings. With the determined criteria, we have now moved closer to a representative benchmark, focusing on the elements that directly affect the user experience.

Taking into account modern web development frameworks such as React, Vue, Angular, Preact, Lit, Backbone and Svelte, Speedometer 3.0 also comes with an updated set of simulated workloads. This set; It covers various web scenarios such as to-do list applications, complex web pages, news sites as single page applications, graphic applications and dashboards, code editors.

Breaking new ground in measuring web performance, Speedometer 3.0 stands out as a benchmark that follows real-world scenarios more closely. This tool, which is a valuable resource for developers and technology experts, is considered an important step towards improving the user experience of web applications. Equipped with this comprehensive collaboration and innovative features, Speedometer 3.0 plays a critical role in shaping the future of web technologies.

Danish Kapoor