Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Some expected features are coming for Windows 11

Some long-awaited settings for Windows 11 users are finally coming. Windows tracker PhantomOfEarth discovered that Microsoft is secretly working to add these new settings to the Windows 11 Settings interface. The latest Windows 11 Canary build released today includes these options in Settings, but they're hidden behind a flag for now.

These new options to be offered in the Windows 11 Settings interface aim to significantly improve the user experience. These changes, especially regarding mouse settings, will offer users more control and customization opportunities. This update will provide a great advantage for both gamers and general users.

In the past, it was necessary to make settings such as “enhance pointer precision” from the old Control Panel. This setting is often turned off, especially by those who play first-person shooter games. With the new update, it will be possible to make these settings from the modern Windows 11 Settings interface.

Changing mouse scroll direction is now easier on Windows 11 PCs

Windows laptop users have been able to change the scroll direction on the touchpad for many years. However, desktop PC users had to resort to registry keys to change this basic setting. While Apple has been offering this feature in macOS for years, Microsoft's decision to take this step will be welcomed by users.

Turning off the Enhance pointer precision setting is very important for gamers. In the past, to turn off this setting you had to go to additional mouse settings or the old Control Panel. With the new update, this process will now be more accessible.

The addition of these two mouse settings is a great convenience for users who regularly switch between macOS and Windows. Although Microsoft has not yet officially announced that these settings are on the way, they are expected to be available to all users later this year, given that they are about to enter the testing process.

This step by Microsoft is considered as part of its strategy to improve user experience. New updates will contribute to Windows 11's goal of being user-friendly. Such improvements made to optimize users' daily experiences will increase the overall acceptance of the operating system.

There is no clear date for when the new settings will be released for Windows 11 users. However, given that it has entered the testing process, it is expected to be available for general availability later this year. Users are eagerly waiting for these new features to be released.

Danish Kapoor