Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung SmartThings brings a new era to the smart home world with Matter 1.2 support

Samsung has added support for Matter 1.2 to its SmartThings platform, which competes in smart home technologies. This innovation significantly improves the user experience by enabling smart home devices to work more integrated and harmoniously. The integration of Matter 1.2 allows SmartThings to take a step forward from competing platforms.

Matter 1.2 support will be added to the SmartThings app later this summer, making it even easier to manage compatible devices. This will allow you to control Matter-compatible devices like the Roborock robot vacuum or Midea dishwasher via SmartThings. Until that support arrives, users will continue to manage their devices using their current methods.

Other innovations on the SmartThings platform

Alongside support for Matter 1.2, Samsung also announced a number of improvements to its SmartThings platform, including improvements to app design, new device control options, a hub backup feature, shareable routines, and the gamification of the SmartThings Energy feature.

Matter is a new smart home standard developed jointly by major tech giants such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Samsung. This standard allows devices to communicate over a local network without the need for a cloud connection. This allows for faster response times and the ability to control devices even when there is no internet connection.

The SmartThings platform already supports a wide range of smart home devices, including Samsung products as well as products from other manufacturers such as Thermador, Bosch and Dacor. However, with Matter support, these integrations will be done natively, allowing for faster and more reliable control.

Matter support on smart home platforms rivaling Samsung SmartThings

Other major smart home platforms like Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple Home have yet to add support for Matter 1.2. Apple has said it will add support for robot vacuums later this year, but no word has been made on other types of devices. Home Assistant supports Matter 1.2, but the integration is still in beta. While Matter 1.3 has been announced, it is expected to add support for energy management, microwaves, ovens, electric ranges, hoods, and electric dryers.

There are currently only a few certified devices in the new categories supported by Matter 1.2, such as Roborock’s S8 MaxV Ultra and Ecovac’s Deebot X2 Combo robot vacuums, as well as AiDot’s air purifier. However, with one of the major platforms announcing support, it’s expected that manufacturers will make their devices compatible with this new standard.

What is Matter?

Matter is a new standard that allows smart home devices to communicate over a local network using a common language. Developed by major tech companies such as Apple, Amazon, Google, and Samsung, this open-source software layer aims to make devices secure, private, and easy to set up. Matter supports a wide range of devices by working over Wi-Fi, Ethernet, and the low-power network protocol Thread.

The SmartThings platform also offers a number of innovations along with the Matter integration. The new Hub Manager interface allows you to manage multiple hubs from a single location, while the Hub Backup feature ensures that the system continues to operate if a hub fails or needs to be replaced. SmartThings has expanded its hub infrastructure by integrating devices such as televisions, sound systems, and smart refrigerators. In this way, even if one hub fails, the other hubs in the house will take over, ensuring the uninterrupted operation of the smart home system.

A new quick access device control feature is also being added for Samsung Galaxy phone users. With this feature, it is possible to quickly adjust the TV volume or change the brightness of the lights via the devices added to the phone’s quick panel.

The SmartThings Energy feature encourages users to save energy by adopting a gamification approach to energy management. This feature rewards users with Samsung Rewards points for saving 400Wh by optimizing energy usage.

The SmartThings app also features improvements to the user interface to make it easier to track the status of devices. Rooms will now appear as top-level tabs and the device search function has been improved. You can also share the routines and automations you create with friends and family.

In conclusion, Samsung SmartThings’ Matter 1.2 support and the innovations it brings make smart home management more user-friendly and reliable. These developments make SmartThings stand out among smart home platforms and make life easier for users.

Danish Kapoor