Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung Galaxy Watch series smartwatches are coming with the ability to share health data with family members

An examination of the code in the latest version of the Samsung Health app suggests that the company is planning to add a new feature to its smartwatches in the near future. This feature will allow health data collected by a Samsung Galaxy Watch belonging to a child or another family member to be tracked via the Health app on the smartphone.

To do this, of course, there will be an approval process that allows a Samsung account to process health data from other accounts. There are also built-in privacy and security controls to ensure that the feature is not misused. Any member of the family group can stop sharing their data at any time, or change what and how much they share. Access to a child’s health information also requires permission from a legal guardian.

Shared data will be automatically deleted and sharing permission will be revoked after a long period of inactivity, and then the entire approval process will need to be repeated. To ensure that the data remains up to date over time, your child or other relative will need to wear their Galaxy Watch at all times.

New Samsung Galaxy Watch models may come with this feature

It’s not hard to guess that this feature will first appear on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 7 and Galaxy Watch Ultra, which are expected to become official next week on July 10. However, there is nothing preventing Samsung from bringing this feature to older smartwatch models. With the One UI 6 Watch update, it may be possible to see this feature on older models.

Danish Kapoor