Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series attracts great attention in the global market

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Samsung announced that its recently launched Galaxy S24 Series was met with great interest globally. The S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra models, which attracted great attention from consumers in a wide geography such as South Korea, the USA, India and Turkey, became a new turning point in Samsung’s innovation and leadership journey.

Galaxy S24 Series was met with great interest in Turkey

According to the company, technology enthusiasts in Turkey welcomed Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Series with great excitement. With the launch of the series, sales doubled compared to the previous model, the Galaxy S23 Series. This was considered as a clear indication of the intense interest in Samsung’s innovative technologies and device features. The rapid depletion of stocks in the Turkish market in the first week of the introduction of the series revealed the intense demand and interest of consumers in these products. Samsung Turkey once again proved its commitment to meeting customer expectations by quickly providing new stocks to respond to this great demand.

In Samsung’s online store The special color options offered show the series’ capacity to appeal not only to its technical features but also to personal preferences. Green, Sapphire Blue, Orange exclusive for S24 and S24+; For the Galaxy S24 Ultra, Titanium Blue, Titanium Green, Titanium Orange color options continue to receive special demand from users.

The Galaxy S24 Series, which achieved a record success in South Korea by reaching sales of 1 million units in the first 28 days after the series’ launch, proves to be one of the fastest-accepted models Samsung has ever launched. This success shows how much the series’ innovative features and superior performance are appreciated by users.

The S24 Series, which attracted great attention from consumers in the USA and India, allowed Samsung to increase its sales and reach more people. Galaxy S24 Ultra, the flagship of the series, has become the most preferred model of users with its extraordinary technical capabilities and artificial intelligence features.

With its mission of making users’ lives better, Samsung Electronics continues to push the limits with technological innovations and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level. Consumers who want to learn more about the Galaxy S24 Ultra and purchase it in special color options can visit Samsung’s online store.

Danish Kapoor