Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Record fine from BTK to telecom companies

Information Technologies and Communication Authority (BTK), which is the regulatory and supervisory authority in Turkey's communication and information technologies sector, virtually ignores the leading companies operating in the telecom sector. According to the news by Kemalettin BULAMACI in BTDünyası, BTK made a significant impact in the market with its latest decisions.

BTK, which made an announcement containing five separate board decisions on Saturday, May 25, stated that such companies as D-Smart, Digiturk, İşnet, Millenicom, Türk Telekom, TT Mobil, TTNET, SuperOnline, Turkcell, TurkNet, Turksat, Vodafone and VodafoneNet, which are among the giant names of the sector. It imposed administrative fines totaling 40 million 38 thousand liras on companies. This penalty was imposed due to violations detected in many areas inspected.

Violations highlighted in BTK's decisions; It includes issues such as subscription termination processes, subscription transfer processes, notification with incorrect documents and information, opening of periodic internet services out of period and non-invoicing. BTK imposed a fine of 31 million 442 thousand 739 lira on İşNet, Millenicom, SuperOnline, Türk Telekom, TT Mobil, TT NET, Turkcell, Vodafone and VodafoneNet within the scope of the audits regarding the subscription termination processes, and also imposed fines on various companies due to the subscription transfer processes taking more than 10 days. He imposed a fine of 5 million 782 thousand 708 liras.

While VodafoneNet, SuperOnline and Türk Telekom were fined a total of one million 68 thousand 822 liras in total due to incorrect document and information notifications, TTNET was fined 848 thousand 360 liras due to the periodic internet service being opened outside the period and billing was made during this period, and TT Mobil was fined 848 thousand 360 liras. It was noteworthy that he received a fine of 895 thousand 896 liras due to his violations regarding the receivables inquiry and return process.

These penalties can be considered an indication of how serious and comprehensive BTK's inspections are on companies in the telecommunications sector. At the same time, it can also be seen as an expression of the institution's determination to protect the rights of consumers and increase the quality of service.

The telecommunications industry has a dynamic structure with constantly developing technologies and increasing consumer expectations. In this context, these penalties imposed by BTK can be considered as a warning for companies to raise their service standards and pay more attention to consumer satisfaction. While consumers have the chance to obtain higher quality and uninterrupted services thanks to such audits, companies once again see the importance of acting in accordance with the legislation.

Danish Kapoor