Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Instagram comes with new features that will make a difference in the experience

While Instagram continues to be one of the most popular platforms in the social media world, it constantly brings innovations to its users. It was learned that these innovations include an infrastructure that will allow users to get early access to new features, creating chat themes with artificial intelligence, a new Reels streaming filter called Riffs, and the option to create Featured Music. According to information leaked by Italian software developer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram aims to enrich the user experience with these innovations.

Sharing real moments is at the forefront on Instagram

Particularly noteworthy is the new feature called Peek, which allows sharing real-time, unedited and filter-free photos. Peek, which has a similar structure to the BeReal application, allows users to share their instant experiences with their friends in a more realistic way. According to Paluzzi, photos shared with this feature can only be viewed once. This approach demonstrates Instagram's aim to highlight “real photos” and “real moments”. Although it is not yet known when the Peek feature will be available, it is stated that the work is actively continuing.

In addition, Instagram expands the interaction areas of users by offering various new stickers for Stories. These stickers include options that focus on joint music sharing and allow sharing past memories in classic photo frames. There are also innovations that allow private photo sharing and adding videos or photos selected from the camera roll to stories or Reels with special stickers.

The changes Instagram made in its algorithm to highlight users who produce original content also attract the attention of users. With this change, the platform aims to offer users who produce original content more equal chances to reach new audiences. While this step will increase the visibility of small accounts, it will impose algorithmic penalties on users who constantly share other people's content.

Instagram's new features promise to take the social media experience to a more interactive and realistic dimension. The platform, which constantly offers innovation to its users, is a matter of curiosity what impact it will have on social media with these updates.

Danish Kapoor