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Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Price advantage of 1,150 TL on 2nd Generation AirPods Pro with USB-C port

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As part of’s “Spring Deals”, the USB-C MagSafe charging box version of AirPods Pro 2nd Generation wireless headphones is offered with a price advantage of 1,150 TL. The product currently has a price tag of 9,349 TL in the Apple online store. You can find it on for 8.199 TL.

AirPods Pro features

AirPods Pro offers an impressive headphone experience with its innovative features and advanced audio technologies. With its Adaptive Sound feature, it provides a listening experience suitable for your environment at any time. While it makes the Active Noise Cancellation feature twice as effective, the Transparent mode allows you to stay connected to the outside world. Spatial Audio, on the other hand, takes you on an extraordinary audio journey by making music and sounds feel as if they are coming to life around you.

Behind this impressive sound experience is the H2 chip designed by Apple. The H2 chip works in collaboration with a specially developed driver and amplifier to create higher resolution sounds. This combination offers listeners more vibrant and clear sounds, while also promising deeper bass and clear trebles. Combining features such as smart noise canceling and efficient battery life by utilizing advanced computational algorithms, the H2 chip takes technology and user experience to the next level.

AirPods Pro’s smart noise control delivers an unheard-of sound quality and performs impressively at every level. The Adaptive Sound feature automatically adjusts the sound quality you need at every moment of life, offering the right sound mix for every environment you are in. While the Active Noise Canceling function significantly reduces unwanted sounds, it offers a suitable option for every user with four pairs of silicone ear tips and provides excellent sound isolation.

Personalized listening experience reaches a new dimension with AirPods Pro. Personalized Spatial Sound and Adaptive EQ features adapt your music listening experience to your personal preferences and ear fit, always delivering the best sound quality. Additionally, with its dynamic head tracking feature, it allows you to experience a three-dimensional audio experience during group FaceTime calls.

Charging performance is also one of the outstanding features of AirPods Pro. MagSafe Charging Case is designed for longer use and easy availability. Offering up to 6 hours of listening time on a single charge and up to 30 hours of listening time in total with the box, AirPods Pro allows you to continue your music enjoyment without interruption.

Providing a magical experience, AirPods Pro provides ease of use with features such as easy setup, Siri commands and seamless switching between devices. Aiming for everyone to benefit from extraordinary sound quality with its accessibility features, AirPods Pro stands out with its advanced technology and user-oriented design.

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Danish Kapoor