Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Poco F6 Preliminary Review – Video

Poco introduced its new Android phones, Poco F6 and F6 Pro, which it has been giving hints about for a while, at a special event held in Dubai on Thursday. I personally attended this event and had the opportunity to see the new phones and the Poco Pad tablet in person. Additionally, Poco gave me the Poco F6 to experience before launch, and I had the opportunity to experience the various capabilities of this new model before the phone was even introduced. A detailed Poco F6 review article and video will be coming soon, but I think it would be good to convey the impressions and experiences I gained after a few days in a special preview article.

First of all, we see that Poco has made an important progress in terms of design with this new F6 Series. The F6 in my hand provides a really comfortable grip with its flattened and thin profile. The frame surrounding the 6.67-inch screen is quite thin, and although the chin section at the bottom is a little thicker than the others, the thickness is not excessive there either. The back is flat, but has a slight curve towards the edges. This helps hold the phone a little more comfortably. There is a silicone case in the box. It hugs the phone tightly and offers a more comfortable grip and a little more flatness for the back of the phone. In addition, the hard surface of the silicone helps to hold the phone easily. By the way, the colors of the Poco F6 are also well chosen, we see that the titanium in my hand is a color that has become popular especially with the iPhone 15 Pro and Galaxy S24 Ultra. It's nice that Poco follows this trend, and titanium really adds a special touch to the device. As a result, Poco F6 has a nice design for a phone priced around 25 thousand TL and makes a significant progress compared to its predecessor F5.

The 6.67 inch screen has AMOLED technology and 120Hz refresh rate. By default, the refresh rate is set to be dynamic based on content. If you want, you can also choose the standard 60 Hz or the highest 120 Hz. The screen resolution is 1220 x 2712 pixels, which is 446 ppi, which is above average and can provide clear text and images. While the screen brightness is high and offers comfortable use indoors, the maximum brightness value of 2400 nits also provides good visibility outside. Indeed, when taking photos or videos outside, a level of vision similar to that of high-end phones is achieved.

While the large screen makes surfing the internet, playing games or watching videos enjoyable on Poco F6, the dual speakers promise an above-average sound experience. Indeed, the stereo sound effect is good, especially when holding horizontally. The sound output intensity is high and the environmental sound effect is also felt. However, the mid frequencies are a little more prominent, especially the bass seems to be suppressed by the mid frequencies. Regardless, you don't need a speaker or headphones.

Poco F6 is a phone that attracts attention with its Snapdragon 8s Gen 3 processor. It is a product of close cooperation between Qualcomm and Xiaomi. This processor is a trimmed version of Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. It has the latest generation CPU cores inside. However, the clock frequencies are lower than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 in the Poco F6 Pro model. On the other hand, in certain respects it is lower than the processor in the F6 Pro. Still, the performance it offers is quite good for a mid-segment phone. Coming with 12 GB RAM also makes this phone more powerful on the multitasking side. Moreover, it is possible to make additional reinforcement with virtual RAM. I haven't had the opportunity to play many games on the phone yet. However, for tasks such as watching videos, surfing the internet, email correspondence or using social media applications, this phone offers a very satisfactory performance. Coming with 512 GB internal memory, it provides enough space for photos and videos. Having dual SIM support is also a good feature for those who want to use their business and private numbers at the same time.

The 5000 mAh capacity battery is also one of the strong features of Poco F6. In normal intensive use, this battery can provide up to two days of operation. 90W fast charging support can also be considered among the important developments. This helps the phone's battery to be fully charged in around half an hour. There are various settings within the battery settings that allow you to increase the charging speed. If you are short on time and need as much battery capacity as possible, it may be worth enabling this. In the detailed review, we will try to draw a clearer framework about the battery.

While Poco F6 comes loaded with Android 14, it has the HyperOS user interface on it. This special user interface from Xiaomi has its own wallpapers, application icon styles, control panel layout. Various applications and a special application store called Get Apps are also installed. Despite this, it has a user interface that is simpler and easier on the eyes than before. In this respect, I can say that HyperOS is an important step.

On the camera side, Poco F6 strikes a high price-performance balance compared to what I've experienced so far. Let's start by saying that the two cameras on the back have a nice look. The camera module feels a bit more like a high-end phone than the one on the Poco F5. The LED flash is also placed as if there was a third camera. It has features such as 50 megapixel main camera, f / 1.6 aperture, optical image stabilization. An 8-megapixel ultra-wide camera is also available. There is a 20 megapixel selfie camera on the front. I share some photo and video examples I took with Poco F6 in the video at the beginning. It offers very bright and vivid photos in sufficient light. HDR performance is also good. There are no explosions even in scenes where the light is coming from the opposite direction, and the details in the shadow can be reflected on the stage. It is possible to get bright scenes in low light. Optical image stabilization ensures success in providing clarity in low light. On the video side, video recording up to 4K is offered with the rear camera. With optical image stabilization and electronic image stabilization, professional video camera still images can be obtained. Although the front camera is limited to 1080p shooting, this camera is also very good at stills.

These are my first impressions and comments about Poco F6. If you have questions about the phone, you can share them with us on our social media channels or in the comments section below the YouTube video. We will try to answer these in the review video and article.

Danish Kapoor