Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google offers free additional storage to old Workspace users

It is a common strategy in the technology world to offer free services and then switch to paid subscriptions over time. However, a group of users with old G Suite (now known as Google Workspace) accounts achieved an uncommon victory by managing to keep their free accounts. With Google's latest change, some users have gained additional storage space for free, but it seems unclear whether this will continue in the future.

When Google renamed G Suite to Google Workspace in 2020, it announced that all users would have to switch to new subscription plans. These new plans included pooled storage areas rather than individual storage areas. However, users who had kept their old free accounts for nearly a decade objected to this change, and Google allowed these accounts to remain free for personal use.

There is now more good news for these old account holders. Until June 2022, Google allowed legacy users to add individual storage with a separate subscription. Over the past week, account holders who paid to use this additional space received an email from Google informing them that their subscriptions had been cancelled.

While the email states that a refund has been issued for the last payment, the more important news is, “Although the subscription was cancelled, your storage limit has not changed and you do not need to take any action.” It was like. Google spokesperson Jenny Thomson confirmed to The Verge that these users will keep the additional storage and can continue to use their existing accounts. It was also stated that this change is also valid for people who have user-managed storage through Google Play and have switched to Workspace accounts.

For now, it looks like users with old free G Suite accounts will be able to continue using those accounts with the free storage bonus. However, there is always the possibility that Google may change its decisions in the future. Even in this case, the current offer looks quite advantageous.

This change by Google can be considered as a rare user-friendly step in the technology world. The fact that users are able to keep their free accounts and additional storage may be an indication of the value Google places on its loyal users. However, how this situation evolves in the long term will depend on Google's strategic decisions.

As a result, the free additional storage provided for former Google Workspace users stands out as a positive development in the technology world. How users will take advantage of this opportunity and Google's future steps will be closely followed by technology enthusiasts.

Danish Kapoor