Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

With Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra, Samsung is preparing to release its first square case smart watch

The leaked images of Samsung's next generation Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra model seem to have a great impact in the technology world. These images published by OnLeaks and Smartprix indicate that the previous Classic series will continue, but a design choice that we have not seen from Samsung in the past also draws attention. The new model added to this series, known for its metal structure, draws attention with its square-shaped case, circular screen and additional button.

Rumors that Samsung would release a watch with a square design first came to the fore in March. However, these leaked images still point to a round screen. It is not clear from the images whether the raised bezel around this screen offers touch-sensitive or rotary control.

What does the new design of Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra show?

Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra looks quite larger than previous models. This is in line with rumors of a larger “Pro” model that came out last month. The square-shaped case of the watch is reminiscent of the Apple Watch Ultra and offers a new aesthetic.

The new watch is expected to offer additional functions. A third button will likely offer a feature similar to the Apple Watch Ultra's Action Button functionality. There will also be a new health sensor array and larger speakers.

Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra's health sensors will allow users to monitor their health data more precisely. Larger speaker grilles are supported by extra microphone holes for a clearer phone call experience. These features will make the watch more than just a health device, but also highly functional in communication and daily use.

The new square design can make the use of the watch more ergonomic. The additional button will make users' watches more customizable. Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra's larger speakers and extra microphone holes will offer better performance in voice calls and speakerphone use. This is a great advantage, especially for users with busy business lives. Additionally, thanks to new health sensors, the watch will be able to monitor health data more accurately.

Samsung's next Unpacked event is expected to be held in Paris on June 10. More details about the new watch model may be announced at this event. Additionally, sixth generation foldable phones and the new Galaxy Ring may also appear at this event.

Danish Kapoor