Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Plugin support comes to Microsoft Edge Android application

Although Chrome is the browser of choice for most people using Android; Microsoft might add something to the mobile version of Edge that might interest people. Microsoft Edge Android app plug-in support coming soon will win.

User X, nicknamed “Leopeva64”, shared screenshots from the pre-release version of version 123 of the Edge Android application. It was stated that the plug-in support seen in the images in question is a hidden feature and must be enabled.

When this feature is enabled, it becomes possible for users to install extensions to the Edge Android application, just like Chrome or Firefox. Plug-in support is expected to take its place in Edge’s menu once it is ready.

There are currently three add-ons in the Microsoft Edge Android application

It appears that Edge also has an Extensions page that is in beta. There are currently not many options here. Currently, three options are waiting for users: Dark Reader, uBlock Origin and Global Speed.

It is currently unclear when plug-in support in the Edge Android application will be available to all users. However, it seems likely that the feature will be distributed in March after the beta process is completed in February.

Danish Kapoor