Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Password sharing started in family group with Google Password Manager

Google has introduced a new feature that allows users to safely and easily share their passwords with family group members. This innovation is available with the May 2024 Google Play services update. This feature, reported by Android Authority, is considered an important step in password management.

This new password sharing feature only applies to passwords stored in Google Password Manager. Google Password Manager is known as a service that securely stores passwords and passkeys on Chrome and Android devices. Currently, this feature is available on mobile devices, but it is not yet active on the desktop Chrome browser.

To share passwords among family group members, they must be part of a Google-approved family group. Google Family Group can consist of a maximum of six people, and passwords cannot be shared with people outside this group. In this case, alternative methods such as Nearby Sharing can be used for password sharing.

This new feature of Google aims to facilitate access to shared services. For example, it becomes possible to securely share the passwords of platforms such as Netflix with all family members. This stands out as an important development that increases digital collaboration and ease of access within the family.

The Google Play services update is part of Google's ongoing efforts to improve security and user experience. Password management plays a critical role in ensuring digital security, and Google continues to offer innovative solutions in this area. Keeping and sharing passwords securely for users is one of the cornerstones of security in the digital world.

This new feature, which is active on mobile devices, allows all passwords connected to the Google account to be easily shared with family members. Shared passwords are stored in family members' own Google Password Manager, making security and access easier. This allows family digital interactions to be managed more securely and practically.

This new password sharing feature from Google offers significant security and ease of use for users. Being able to share passwords securely with members of the Google Family Group makes digital life more secure and practical.

Danish Kapoor