Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Apple may announce AI-powered emojis and OpenAI collaboration at WWDC 2024

Apple is expected to announce its innovations and important partnerships in the field of artificial intelligence at the World Developers Conference, that is, WWDC 2024. It is said that Apple will offer basic features supported by artificial intelligence in this event, which is awaited with great interest in the technology world. It seems that there will be innovations such as transcribing voice notes and automatic emoji creation.

It is also claimed that Apple will form a partnership with OpenAI to provide deeper integration in artificial intelligence. According to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter, thanks to this partnership, ChatGPT can become more integrated into Apple's operating systems. Additionally, talks are reportedly ongoing with Google for a similar deal, and Apple is also in contact with Anthropic.

Beyond these possible partnerships, Apple's approach to AI appears to focus on more practical solutions. According to Gurman, one of the important innovations that Apple will announce will be the “smart summary” feature. This feature aims to make users' lives easier by summarizing the messages, notifications and other content they missed.

It is also among the rumors and leaked news that the Voice Notes application will undergo a major improvement with artificial intelligence-supported transcripts. This feature will be very useful both for those who want to refer to interview recordings and for students to reference course recordings later. Apple devices already include similar features, such as automatically generated voicemail transcripts and system-wide captions for video or audio chats.

Apple is expected to bring artificial intelligence-supported improvements to Spotlight search on its devices, Safari internet searches, and writing suggestions for e-mails and messages. On the other hand, it is said that the company can use artificial intelligence to rearrange photos and automatically create emojis through messages. However, it is also known that such features can sometimes cause problems. Meta accidentally creating tags for Waluigi with guns or Google revealing Nazi images with inappropriate racial diversity are the first examples that come to mind.

Siri and iOS 18 innovations that we expect to be announced at WWDC 2024

Apple's development of a more natural and human-like voice for Siri is among the expected innovations. It is planned to make Siri more functional on Apple Watch. Apple's devices will handle these operations natively whenever possible, but complex tasks will rely on Apple's M2 Ultra-based servers. In general, devices “launched in the last year or so” will receive most of the new AI features.

In addition to artificial intelligence features, a feature that allows users to change the color of application icons may also be announced with iOS 18. While a similar feature is currently possible with the Shortcuts app for iOS, a simpler method would be welcome. In addition, a new iPhone home screen arrangement is also expected, allowing users to place application icons wherever they want. These innovations will help users make the iPhone experience more personalized.

WWDC 2024 stands out as an exciting event where Apple will announce its innovative artificial intelligence solutions and potential partnerships. This event, which has an important place in the technology world, will also provide important clues about Apple's future direction. These innovations in the field of artificial intelligence can significantly improve the user experience and increase Apple's competitiveness in the industry.

Danish Kapoor