Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Paid version of Google Chrome is released, allowing you to edit more extensions

Internet technology giant Google aims to improve user experience by recently announcing two important innovations regarding its web browser Chrome. While Google Chrome is actively used by millions of people in their daily internet activities, new developments promise a much more personal and secure experience.

Chrome Enterprise Premium, which was recently introduced, is a version developed especially for corporate users in the business world and offered for a fee of $ 6 per month. With this new version, in addition to the existing Enterprise version of Chrome, Google offers users features such as increased security levels, protection against data loss and comprehensive malware scanning.

This step, which is directly related to user security, stands out as a very important development in protecting the sensitive data of companies and individual users. In today's world where internet security is becoming more and more important, it is thought that the improvements in the Chrome Enterprise Premium version will satisfy both individual users and corporate companies.

On the other hand, in order for Chrome users to more easily intervene in the plug-ins installed on the browser, Google is working on a feature that can close or stop all plug-ins with a single click. This function aims to improve the user experience by allowing plug-ins to be quickly disabled when necessary and is expected to save time in certain situations.

Google had previously made significant changes to Chrome's privacy features and promised to better protect users' data. The company's actions in this direction are seen as a response to users' privacy concerns and indicate that the company follows a more transparent service policy.

These steps are considered an effort to regain users' trust, especially at a time when Google has secretly collected billions of data in the past and faced a $5 billion fine. Chrome's incognito mode can also be perceived as a response to internal criticism that Incognito should not truly offer privacy to users.

All in all, the Enterprise Premium edition and the plug-in management feature under development appear to reinforce Google Chrome's user-centric approach. With these innovations, Google continues to take steps to meet users' expectations in terms of both security and ease of use, and it is eagerly awaited to see how these developments will be received by users.

Danish Kapoor