Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

New feature to help organize events from WhatsApp

WhatsApp introduces a new way to plan and organize events in group chats. This makes it easier for friends, schools and other organizations to arrange virtual and face-to-face meetings through the app.

The new events feature allows group members to host birthday parties, business meetings and more, similar to various e-invitation services that send invitations via email. Events are pinned to the group's information page and a private group chat is also started for the event. This makes it easier to keep track of who can and cannot come to the event.

The company is also adding the ability to respond to “Announcement Groups” so members can add comments and feedback for the manager. It also minimizes replies and mutes chat so people have the option to read and participate in the discussion without overwhelming others with notifications.

Events feature will come to all WhatsApp groups in the coming months

The Events feature will first appear in groups within WhatsApp Communities, then in all groups in the coming months. Communities can be described as a Slack or Discord-like feature of WhatsApp with its own message threads, group managers, and announcement functions. Communities also benefit from WhatsApp's 32-person video calling capabilities.

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Danish Kapoor