Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Is Rabbit R1 just an Android-based application?

The Rabbit R1 AI device, introduced last week, raised many questions, and the most important one is “Why isn't this just an app?” It brought to mind the question. Android Authority's Mishaal Rahman tried out Rabbit's launcher APK by downloading it on a Google Pixel 6A. With a few settings changes, he had the app running as if it were running on Rabbit's own device.

The mystery and technical features of Rabbit R1

Rahman created an account using the volume up button in place of the R1's single hardware button and began asking questions as if he were using the $199 R1. However, it is stated that the application does not offer all the functions of the R1. Because the device on which the software runs is a mid-segment phone from two years ago, which shows that it is no different from an Android-based application in basic functionality.

Rabbit founder and CEO Jesse Lyu disagrees with this characterization. In a lengthy statement to The Verge, he noted that Rabbit R1 does not have an Android app. According to Lyu, Rabbit OS is customized for R1 and does not support third-party clients.

The R1 isn't the only device using Android's open source software. Humane's AI pin also runs on the same software. However, as the first reviews come in, attention is currently focused on the R1. Rabbit released its first software update on Tuesday to address some complaints such as rapid battery drain. According to first impressions, this problem seems to be better controlled after the update.

However, the main problem is that the R1 doesn't do enough useful work to justify its existence in a world where phones exist. As a result, this artificial intelligence device could only be available on smartphones as an application.

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Danish Kapoor