Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Microsoft Build heralds a new era in Arm and AI technologies

Microsoft Build, Microsoft's prestigious event that brings together developers and technology enthusiasts, focuses on Windows on Arm and artificial intelligence (AI) features this year. In this respect, the conference, which is expected to be an important turning point in the technology world, will reveal Microsoft's innovative approaches and strategies in this field.

Before the Build conference, information leaked that Microsoft would hold a special Surface and AI event. The event aims to introduce new Arm-powered Surface devices that rival Apple's M3 processor-powered MacBook Air model and an AI feature developed for Windows. Microsoft indirectly confirmed this information by using the titles “the next generation of Windows on Arm” and “a brand new Windows AI feature” when listing developer sessions.

The “next generation of Windows on Arm” session will emphasize “industry-leading performance” for applications. This points to Microsoft's aim to gain the upper hand against Apple's M3 chip. Additionally, in this session, artificial intelligence-supported applications equipped with “new experiences” and “rich capabilities” designed for Arm-supported Windows devices will be introduced. This stands out as an indicator of the innovative steps Microsoft is taking in the field of artificial intelligence.

In another Build session, Microsoft plans to introduce “brand new features” that will allow users to interact more deeply with their digital lives on Windows. These features are based on advanced AI technologies and include functions similar to the AI ​​Explorer feature that is rumored to come to Windows 11. AI Explorer is envisioned as a timeline that will allow users to easily recall any content on their devices.

Additionally, Microsoft Build will also feature sessions on creating Copilots and plug-ins for the AI-powered assistant. The team, which develops tools such as Windows Terminal, Dev Home, PowerToys and Windows Subsystem for Linux, will also share details about improvements in the Windows developer experience.

Microsoft Build will be the center of innovations that will shape the future of the Windows ecosystem for technology enthusiasts and developers. Arm and artificial intelligence technologies will provide clues about how Microsoft will transform its products and services. These innovations are considered important steps that will enrich the user experience and reinforce Microsoft's leadership in the field of technology.

Danish Kapoor