Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Google added AI-powered 'Vids' application next to Docs, Sheets and Slides

Among the innovations offered by Google to the business world, a new application has been added to the Docs, Sheets and Slides applications and benefits from the power of artificial intelligence: Vids. This move by Google points to a video creation application that will allow users to prepare more impressive and dynamic presentations. More than just a video creation tool, Google Vids has various AI-powered features that will help users present their content more effectively.

Google Vids: AI-powered presentations

Vids has a simple and understandable interface that allows users to create slide presentations through a timeline that flows from left to right by adding content via Google Drive. Additionally, users can add a personal touch to their presentations by recording their own voice or videotaping themselves. But what makes Vids stand out is the integration of Google's Gemini AI technology. Thanks to this integration, users can optionally request Gemini to write texts, create storyboards, or even read texts out loud. Additionally, AI can draw from a large library of content, from stock images to illustrations.

Currently being tested by a limited number of Workspace users, a wider beta release is planned for Vids in the summer. This means we may be witnessing a rise in business presentations that appear to be specifically generated by AI.

This new addition from Google promises to take business presentations to the next level. The artificial intelligence-supported features provided by Vids allow users to make their presentations more impressive and memorable, while also facilitating the process of preparing presentations. This innovation seems to provide great convenience, especially for professionals with time constraints.

The integration of Vids is part of Google Workspace's overall strategy to enrich the user experience. With this move, Google aims to offer users all the tools they need under one roof. Vids application takes Google's vision one step further, offering users the opportunity not only to create and edit documents, but also to prepare impressive visual presentations.

Danish Kapoor