Danish Kapoor
Danish Kapoor

Innovation that makes searches easier in the Google Drive iOS application

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Google’s popular cloud storage service Google Drive has received an important update for iOS users. Google Drive users on iOS will now be able to filter their searches by file type, file owner, and last modified date. According to the statement made on Friday on Google’s Workspace Updates blog, with this new feature, users will be able to find files more easily through drop-down menus that appear before and after searching.

Using Google Drive on iOS becomes easier

Google states that this update is available on iOS for Google Workspace customers, individual subscribers, and anyone with a personal Google account. Although this feature has not yet been activated for Android users, it is noteworthy that Google recently announced that it will bring this feature to the Android platform.

Thanks to this new filtering feature, browsing and searching through files becomes much more enjoyable if you do not know exactly where the file you are looking for is. For example, if you’re looking for a video you’ve stored on Google Drive but can’t remember its name, you can simply tap the ‘Videos’ file type, select ‘custom range’ under ‘last modified’ and search by the time period you last tapped. Users are eagerly awaiting Google’s update of this feature to make it possible to filter with more criteria, such as file sizes or other date types.

Google’s previous approach included filter suggestions and scrollable filters. But apparently, drop-down menus are still best. With this update, Google Drive users will be able to manage their files much more effectively and quickly on their iOS devices. This innovation stands out as an important step towards improving user experience in cloud storage.

Danish Kapoor